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Pyongyang, North Korea

The term 'global village' was coined by philosopher Marshall McLuhan in the 1960's. McLuhan predicted that technology would bring people around the world so close together that it would eventually turn us into one global village. From this idea, we developed our ethos - to make the world a smaller place, by taking you, our Global Villagers out to see it.

Dining with the locals

Based in Ireland and welcoming customers from all over the world, we are a small and personable company. We want to take our customers off the beaten track with our unique itineraries, and in doing so we want to give you as immersive and authentic a travel experience as you can possibly get. In other words - we want you wandering the backstreets and bazaars with us, eating things you can't pronounce, and drinking with the locals.

Camping at the Great Wall of China

We offer budget group tour packages, or a tailor made itinerary to suit your budget and schedule. Just let us know when and where, and we'll do the rest. We cover everything from camping on The Great Wall of China, to the May Day parade in Cuba, or even a round of golf in North Korea - we can plan this trip for you or your group.

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“Global Village Tours made my trip to DPRK completely hassle free, interesting and exciting from start to finish. It was affordable, enjoyable and memorable for all the right reasons. There were so many unusual people from all over the world that there was never a dull moment. I will definitely be traveling with Global Village again.”

-- Duncan Casey, Munster rugby player

“The Global Village Tours crew should be knighted, by Michael D. Higgins standing on a keg of Guinness (naturally), for their ability to open the world's most exclusive borders to the people of Ireland and the rest of the world. Going on the St Patrick's Day tour in North Korea was not a once in lifetime bullshit cliche. Cliche's exist for the timid, the confined. Global Village Tours kick cliches in the arse and send you on a journey that is utterly mad and wonderful. Amazing tours from amazing people. Cannot wait to select another course from their mouth watering menu of adventure!”

-- Dave Morrissey, Facebook

“GVT is what you would expect from an organized tour (i.e., professional, well organized, comfortable, and knowledgeable and reliable guides), but without the negative aspects that organized tours may have (e.g. stuffy, boring, rushed, repetitive, feeling like a cow in a cattle, and fellow travelers who prefer the comfortable options over the interesting and exciting options). Not only were the tour and the guides (the GVT and the local guides) great, the fellow travelers in the group were amazing as well - it seems like these trips attract an interesting and open-minded crowd of people!”

-- Frederieke Van, Humanitarian Aid Worker


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