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Friday 16th February 

  • Arrive in Kathmandu and meet your guide and fellow travellers for a day of exploration.
  • Unfortunately, Kathmandu’s main Durbar Square was almost completely destroyed during the 2015 earthquake, but we will travel across the river to Patan – or Lalitpur – to check out the Durbar Square there. Many buildings were also destroyed during the earthquake, but a lot are still standing, making it the perfect spot to wander around the temples, pillars and stupas of old Nepal.
  • Traditional Nepalese lunch.
  • Visit the Narayanhity Palace in the early afternoon. This palace was the home of the Nepalese royal family until 2007 whenthe Maoist leader and new Prime Minister Prachanda gave King Gyanendra 15 days to leave. It was converted into a ‘People’s Palace’ and is now a museum where we can view thethrone room, banquet halls and bedrooms of the old royal members, and of course the tragic place where most of the royal family were massacred by Prince Dipendra in 2001. A particular highlight is looking for the photos of the royal family with Tito and Ceausescu.
  • Enjoy dinner and drinks in Thamel, one of Kathmandu’s most vibrant areas.
  • Stay overnight in Kathmandu.


Saturday 17th February 

  • After a quick breakfast, we will leave early for the drive from Kathmandu to Liwang, the district headquarters of RolpaDistrict, and Nepali Maoism’s Yan’an!
  • This journey takes around 10 hours but we will stop for numerous rest breaks. We will have an excellent view of the Kathmandu Valley before we start to ascend Nepal’s mid-range mountains into the old Maoist heartland of Rolpa. The town of Liwang lies in a valley that we can see as we cross the mountain range above it, an iconic outpost of 21st century Maoism.
  • Arrive early in the evening, eat dinner and relax with raksi, the local Nepalese spirit, distilled from rice or millet.
  • Stay overnight in Liwang.


Sunday 18th February 

  • After breakfast, we will explore Liwang, including the Maoist party headquarters and the newly created Maoist school.
  • Lunch of dal bhat, the traditional rice and lentil dhal eaten in this region.
  • Depending on the road situation, we will either continue in our bus or change to a private jeep as we journey deep into the Maoist heartland, heading to Thawang via Gharti Gaon. Thawang is the spiritual home and original ‘base area’ of the Maoist People’s War and the place where we will truly immerse ourselves in Maoism.
  • We’ll visit various Maoist bunkers and destroyed police outposts, relics of the People’s War.
  • We’ll meet former soldiers from the Maoist People’s Army and section commanders to talk to them about their experiences of the People’s War.
  • Eat dinner and stay overnight in Thawang.


Monday 19th February 

  • After breakfast, we will start a day of exploration in Thawang.
  • Visit Rachibang Commune, one of the four original communes developed specifically to reject ‘capitalist individualism’. These communes were originally developed to house people who had lost relatives during the People’s War and evolved over time.
  • Eat lunch in the commune.
  • Travel by jeep to Mahat to explore the Maoist bunker.
  • Continue to Rukumkot, a famous fort which was the site of one of the main battles between the Maoist and government forces.
  • Drive to Musikot, the district headquarters of Rukum District, entering truly rural Nepal where there are not even proper roads – our jeep takes us on an off-road route!
  • Eat dinner and stay overnight in Musikot.


Tuesday 20th February 

  • After breakfast we will traverse Musikot, visit the Maoist offices and talk to more Maoist former soldiers about their experiences and the post-war situation.
  • Lunch in Musikot
  • Bus to Butwal (6 hours), a major road junction joining the Mahendra and Siddhartha highways.
  • Stop off at the Jitgadhi Fortress, a key location in the Anglo-Nepalese War. The British failed to colonise Nepal but they gained ceded territory, and the post-war war treaty granted the British the right to recruit Gurkha soldiers into their army.
  • Visit Butwal Hill Park, a spiritual home for the ethnic Gurung population.
  • Dinner and overnight in Butwal.


Wednesday 21st February 

  • Rise early, eat a quick breakfast and board the bus to Pokhar(6 hours), one of the most beautiful cities in Nepal.
  • After lunch, we’ll visit the Gurkha Museum, featuring an extensive history of the Gurkhas.
  • Climb Sarangkot hill for a breath-taking view of the city, Phewa Lake, and the Himalayas in the background.
  • After dinner, we’ll stroll around the Bindhyabasini Temple area.Local beers and more raksi will help us enjoy the evening!
  • Overnight in Pokhara


Thursday 22nd February 

  • Breakfast and free morning in Pokhara to do a bit of shopping in the local markets, enjoy more of the scenery or have a well-deserved lie-in!
  • Bus to Kathmandu (6 hours).
  • For the last night of the tour, we’ll celebrate Kathmandu style with dinner and then a pub crawl through Thamel, almost definitely going Cuban style and sampling the local KhukriRum.
  • Overnight in Kathmandu.


Friday 23rd February 

  • End of Nepal tour! Airport transport can be arranged.