North Korea



So you want to take a holiday in North Korea? Global Village Tours Tours proudly presents our varied range of 2017 North Korea tours.

Despite various news headlines and tense political relations, the Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea is arguably one of the safest places on Earth to visit. Beyond its political landscape and enigmatic leader Kim Jong Un, is a soft culture of warmth and hospitality – mirrored by its vastly peaceful landscape of dense forest, grassland and mountains.

The people of North Korea are an intensely proud race – and they do not take the task of showing tourists their beautiful country very lightly! Tourism is very important to North Koreans not just because of its economic importance, but because it is their opportunity to show the world the culture and rich history that they are so proud of. So do not be surprised if you are treated like royalty! With regards to safety – crime committed against tourists is virtually non-existent. We only advise that you be respectful of their customs and views, even if they differ from yours.

Feel free to ask questions, but in a respectful manner. Your Korean guides will politely let you know if they can’t answer. Everyone has their own ideas of what North Korea is about, this is your opportunity to hear the other side of the story. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn – If you’re willing to listen.

All our group tours are conducted by a western guide who is accompanied by North Korean guides. Our list of tours range from the standard North Korea travel experience to the slightly more niche tours such as St Paddys Day, New Years Eve and the Pyongyang Marathon. We have dates to suit all calendars, and our prices are among the cheapest to travel to North Korea.

Our group tours are not the typical ‘conveyor belt’ approach. We like to keep all our tour groups small in order to maintain a good close-knit dynamic. We cap our groups at a maximum of 24 people, once we exceed this we split the group in two with each having their own vehicle, local and western guides.

Since 2012, tourists have been allowed to take mobile phones, laptops, e-readers and tablets into the DPRK, although it is not possible to receive or make calls without a North Korean sim card. Prior to 2012, tourists had to turn in their phones upon starting their North Korea holiday but restrictions have lessened considerably in recent years. Tourists have access to a satelite phone in most of the hotels we will stay in on our tours.

All our North Korea tours originate and commence in Beijing, China. Our tour price includes train fare in and out of Pyongyang. It takes 24 hours to travel to Pyongyang by train from Beijing. For those wanting a faster route we can arrange flights in, out or return to Pyongyang starting from €100 one way with Air Koryo the national airline of North Korea.

GVT charges an additional cost price fee of €50 to process your North Korea travel visa in Beijing. GVT will oversee every aspect of the visa process but it is relatively straightforward.


Name of tourStart DateEnd DateDetails
Essential DPRK & Korean War TourJune 19thJune 25th€995
All Koreas Part 1: PyongyangJune 7thJune 13th€1145
All Koreas Part 2: Extreme North East & Rason TourJune 11thJune 20th€1195
New Years Eve Tour Dec 28thJan 4th€995