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  • Arrival by flight to Lhasa, the spiritual and charming capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region. You can fly from Beijing or Xi'an (this particular flight is included in your package).
  • Meet up with your Tibetan guides for a very warm welcome and a chat about the adventure ahead over the next week.
  • Get a first look around Lhasa in the evening if you like with dinner and Tibetan drinks around the town. Lhasa Beer, barley wine and tea are popular! The atmosphere on the streets is very special.
  • You spend tonight in Lhasa. Depending on your preference you can choose between Tibetan inns or Chinese style hotels

Day 2

  • The famous mountain top Potala Palace, former home of the Dalai Lama until he escaped to India in 1957, and the high seat of Tibetan government for hundreds of years.
  • You can join in and discover the Pilgrims Path and make your way around the area.
  • Check out Jokhang Temple –the most significant of Lhasa’s temples.
  • Norbulingka Palace, a former summer home of the Dalai Lama with its surrounding park complex
  • Time to explore Barkor Street market before having a few drinks at the hotel
  • Spend the night in Lhasa.

Day 3

  • Morning
  • Epic 100km journey by road from Lhasa to Namtso Lake with truly incredible sights along the way with plenty of stops en route.
  • Afternoon
  • Namtso Lake – so many ways to explore! You can hike around the area and then take a horse ride down to the lake if you wish.
  • Sleep the night in our lakeside guesthouse, bring comfortable and warm clothes and of course drink ample amount of Tibetan wine to stay warm.

Day 4

  • Morning
  • This morning we will make the return journey to Lhasa.
  • Afternoon
  • The Tibet museum to learn about the history of Tibet from a Chinese perspective and the role of British influence in this place.
  • Sera Monastery, if we get here at the right time you can usually see monks deep in afternoon discussions about various topics.
  • Sleep the night in Lhasa.

Day 5

  • Morning
  • See what life is like outside of Lhasa at the Namba Tibetan villages. At this place, we can get an image of exactly what life is like for the people that live here. There are places where you can buy some items to take home with you and also where we can eat, have a drink and talk with the locals.
  • Afternoon
  • Explore the whole the area with further opportunities for hiking and horse riding if you wish.
  • Make our way back to Lhasa for a final night out with the group and your new friends.
  • Spend the night in Lhasa.

Day 6

  • Morning
  • Take a last browse around Lhasa with some free time and an opportunity to get stocked up with items for our epic train ride.
  • Afternoon
  • Board the train from Lhasa heading to Xi’an/Beijing. This is one of our favorite train journeys here at Global Village Tours and a few beers usually add to the enjoyment so feel free to pick up some local brew earlier in the morning. This marks the end of your tour.