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Day 1 Airport- Ashgabat

  • Meet at the airport the previous night or early in the morning. Transfer to hotel and check-in.
  • Sightseeing in Ashgabat: Ertogrul Ghazi mosque, history museum, Nisa, Turkmenbashy spiritual mosque and mausoleum in Kipchak.
  • Return to Ashgabat and continue sightseeing: Visit Independence park and the monument of the Ruhnama (which unfortunately doesn't open any more, but is still an amazing and unique monument), Tower of Neutrality, The Wheel of Englightenment (which if it's open you can take a ride on, but is often closed), and the other monuments.
  • After sunset, drive to the Palace of Happiness (Wedding Palace), where you can take panoramic photos of Ashgabat. Continue to the amusement park in First Park.
  • Return in hotel late in the evening.

Day 2 Ashgabat train to Mary

  • Visit the shopping centers and bazaars of Ashgabat (Russian bazaar, Impash, Berkarar).
  • Visit the bookstores, souvenir and rugs shops. This will include a stop at the University Bookshop which is the best place to buy books written by and about the president, along with some fantastic posters, postcards and books about all things Turkmen.
  • Take the afternoon train to Mary.
  • Arrive at 22:00. Transfer to the hotel and spend the night in Mary. *if you would prefer to fly instead of catch the train, the ticket is $45 USD extra per person.