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3 Reasons to Take a Group Adventure Tour

27 Feb 2018

These days we’re bombarded with options, so many places to go, so many things to see and do, so many ways to do them and ways to get there. With so much choice, you might be wondering, what makes a group adventure tour stand out from the rest?

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What is the Mount Hagen Festival?

18 Feb 2018

Lost in the mist of the Papua New Guinea’s highlands; one of the world’s most culturally and geographically diverse yet least explored countries, a raucous display of cultural pride and merriment awaits you at the world-famous Mount Hagen festival. But what is this celebration?

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The Historical Sites of Iran

9 Feb 2018

With a litany of influences following the rise and fall of various empires and
countless invasions, Iran’s cultural heritage is a rich tapestry. This fusion of
cultures has resulted in Iran containing 21 (and counting!) UNESCO World
Heritage sites, each more beautiful and fascinating than the last. Here are just
five famous places in Iran, the tip of the iceberg in such a captivating country.

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10 Spectacular Sights in Afghanistan

11 Jan 2018

Prior to the conflict that destabilised the region, Afghanistan was famous for its beauty and attracted countless tourists. As the nation tries to regain its international reputation, now is the ideal time to see these ethereal views unblemished by hoards of tourists.

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The Natural Wonders of Socotra

22 Dec 2017

Socotra is the largest of a four-island archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Its name is believed to be derived from a Sanscrit name, meaning ‘The Island of Bliss,’ but at first glance it appears to be from a sci-fi film. Its harsh environment, hot, dry climate, sandy beaches, and towering mountains have resulted in amazing and bizarre flora and fauna. Of their 700 rare species, one-third are endemic. Due to its unique biodiversity, it was recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site in July 2008. Home to around 40,000 people, the island constructed its first road in 2011, and the locals are dedicated to eco-tourism and preserving the natural beauty of their island. There are few places on earth that feel new and undiscovered, but Socotra is one of them. Alas, such extreme beauty cannot go unnoticed for long, so a visit to Socotra as soon as possible is a must. The island is a truly incredible place that must be seen to be believed.

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Eritrea & The Incredible Architecture of Asmara

22 Nov 2017

As someone with a passing interest in architecture and photography, I happened across Edward Denison’s Asmara: Africa’s Secret Modernist City and fell in love with this city of contradictions. Eritrea is a country with a troubled past that’s only slowly opening its borders to the outside world. However, a fortunate result of this is that it means its unique architecture, influenced by the Ottomans, the Egyptians, the Italians, the British and the Ethiopians, has been almost perfectly preserved. Its landscape and coastline are in spectacular condition, and tourists are still a novelty, so the locals are incredibly welcoming.

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Celebrating Independence Day in Somaliland

22 Nov 2017

Check out the itinerary for our tour of Eritrea, Somaliland, and Socotra happening starting on May 15th, 2018. If you wish to join only one part of the tour just let us know.

Somaliland is a fascinating place, still struggling to gain international recognition despite having self-declared independence in 1991. It has its own government, military and a separate currency. It holds elections and even has a national passport. With 70% of the population under 30, most locals do not even remember being a part of Somalia. Thus far it has been a democratic success despite concerns, and has built up an (admittedly fragile) economy in complete isolation. I couldn’t begin to imagine the absurdity of celebrating independence in a country that is not officially recognised, and so I set off on an incredible adventure to the Horn of Africa.

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Skiing in Iran!

20 Nov 2017

Ringing in the New Year on the Peaks of Iran

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My Trip into Maoist Nepal with Global Village

20 Nov 2017

Journeying into Maoist Nepal

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Visit Papua New Guinea

8 Nov 2017

For those of you looking for the postcard-esque tropical getaway but without the crowds of a Bali beach holiday then look to the Pacific, and look to Papua New Guinea to be specific. The stories of cannibals and tribal conflict tend to travel further than the mostly understated beautiful scenery of this island. Still hugely unexplored, Papua New Guinea is one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world.

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An Irishman in North Korea

19 Oct 2017

An Irishman at the DMZ

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Running the Pyongyang Marathon in North Korea

4 Sep 2017

“You’re going to North Korea to do a marathon? Is this a joke??” Said my mother – delivered in that tone of voice that she has carefully perfected over a very long time. A voice that is used only when her youngest son confesses to her that he is planning to do something she will not be very happy about.

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Eric Duggan - My Trip to North Korea

6 Jun 2017

I visited The Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea in February of this year. It has taken me a couple of months to digest my experience there, hence the delay in putting pen to paper… The couple of days I spent there were a pretty mixed bag of emotions – I was shocked, I was thrilled, I was confused, I was fascinated, bewildered and so on and so fourth. I will do my best to try and convey the sensory overload that is – traveling to North Korea.

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Traveling to Iran: Our Top 5 Misconceptions

29 Mar 2017

Our favorite misconceptions about Iran: 

Iran – easily one of our collectively favorite destinations here in the office at Global Village Tours. For many reasons Iran is changing rapidly and becoming increasingly popular. We think NOW is the optimum time to visit as it is more open to international tourism than ever before while still maintaining its raw and unspoilt edge. The only reason its not quite yet ‘the cool kid’ on the adventurous travelers map is well, because people know much about what it has to offer. Here are five our favorite misconceptions about Iran:

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Tibet - Our Do's and Dont's

7 Mar 2017

Tibet, the roof of the world. One of the most scenically stunning places on this planet. With a culture and history as rich as a cup of sweet Yak butter tea, its good to know what to see and where to go so you get the most out of your trip. Here are Global Village Tours definitive Do's and Dont's. Our Secrets of Tibet Tour departs in July and we're offering 5% discount to those that book before April 1st! See here for more.

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Duncan Casey – My DPRK Experience

3 Mar 2017

I have an ethos when it comes to travelling. Do something different. Go somewhere strange. See things that other people don’t get, or want, to see. This approach has brought me to some pretty unique and unusual places around the world but none of them can hold a candle to the DPRK.

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Global Series // Unrecognised Countries: Transnistria

21 Feb 2017

Booking tickets at the bus station in Odessa, Ukraine to Tiraspol the capital city of Transnistria is not too difficult. Approximately one member of staff at the station has some English and with some terrible Russian thrown in, you can find yourself standing at bay number 10 waiting for our intercity bus to arrive and take us to the border with Transnistria and then onto Tiraspol.

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5 Reasons you need to visit Cuba this year

11 Feb 2017

Cuba – a land of white beaches, dainty architecture, fine cigars, and some of the best rum on the planet. In a world where technology and industry are bringing us closer and closer each day, we are inevitably losing some of the remoteness that is essential to a good travel destination.

Hold that thought for a moment because we want to show you why Cuba is one location on our list that is changing rapidly, and in doing so it may be gradually losing something that makes it really special. Here are 5 reasons why we think you should get to Cuba, and get there now:


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North Korean Beer, Bars & Micro brewing

5 Feb 2017


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The ‘Burning Ghats’ of Varanasi in India

29 Nov 2016

The following is a diary excerpt from one of our more seasoned travelers documenting some of his experiences at the infamous ‘burning ghats’ of Varanasi in India.

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The Philosophy of North Korea

20 Jun 2016

Who are these people?” asked my ever-inquisitive North Korean guide Mrs. Yiu. She was pointing at my t-shirt. My chosen item of clothing on that day depicted a famous photo taken in the 60’s of Muhammad Ali with Elvis Presley. I told Mrs. Yiu who these men were, and explained that they were arguably two of the greatest cultural icons in modern history. She has impeccable English and told me that although unfamiliar with the names, she reckoned Ali starred in a Bollywood film she heard about once. “Ya maybe”, I said. This was one of many encounters in the Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea that encapsulate why the place has always intrigued me. Call it what you will – untouched, uninfluenced, isolated, oblivious? There is something extremely fascinating about a society that is for the most part virtually unaware of the world around it. North Korea has been its own sovereign nation since only 1948. To be symbolic about it, picture a ship that upon ‘leaving the dock’ per se, veered just a couple of degrees in a different direction to its’ Western world counterpart. And now many years later as that ship continues to traverse, that one degree has inevitably grown into quite a vast distance.

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The might of the North Korean Military!

8 May 2016

From any trip to North Korea it is definitely the subtleties that will remain with you long after you leave. The highly unusual instances of daily life that you will see and the general peace and quiet on the streets. People’s body language, facial expressions, curiosities towards you and how they deal with their own experience of meeting a foreign visitor in their country.

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St. Patrick’s Day in North Korea

21 Apr 2016

Modern day travel isn’t quite the “adventure” it once was. We have a pretty good idea of what to expect on the other side of long haul flight. We have seen images of the destination online, friend’s Instagram shots and so on. In fact, we can pretty much skip down the streets and landscapes of the entire planet thanks to Google Street View. Everywhere except one entire country. That country is North Korea.

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