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Monday 13th August 

  • Meet your guide and your fellow travellers at the hotel in Port Moresby at 4 pm.
  • Enjoy a group dinner and some drinks at the Port Moresby yacht club. We will discuss the trip in more detail and it will also give you a chance to get to know your guide and fellow travellers.
  • Stay overnight in Port Moresby


Tuesday 14th August 

  • Early morning transfer to the airport to catch our flight to Mt. Hagen with PNG Airlines departing at 9:15 am and arriving in Mount Hagen at 11:30 am.
  • Meet our local guides upon arrival and transfer to our hotel for check-in.
  • Go on a guided city tour to Mount Hagen main market and visit the fresh produce market which features various kinds of tribal artefacts unique to the interior of the New Guinea highlands.
  • Journey out into the surrounding mountains for more sightseeing, including kinds of wildlife, much of it unique to Papua New Guinea, such as birds of paradise, highland echidnas and cassowaries.
  • Return to Mount Hagen for dinner and stay overnight.


Wednesday 15th August 

  • After breakfast at 9 am, we will drive out to Urup (1 hour).
  • Take a short hike in the jungle, visit a witch doctor and watch a young man’s initiation ceremony.
  • Scour the lively local markets for souvenirs.
  • Drive back to Mount Hagen (1 hour) to have dinner and stay overnight.


Thursday 16th August 

  • After an early breakfast, transfer out to the show ground and do a full day tour of the festival, seeing the costumes and performances of over 100 local tribes, including skeleton men.
  • Participate for a full day with a street food lunch outside the hotel.
  • Following the afternoon show, we will head back to the hotel for dinner and stay overnight.


Friday 17th August 

  • Return for the second day of the festival, this time with a chance to see the Huli Wigmen, famous for their elaborate hair and headdresses. They are a part of one of the largest tribes of New Guinea and have over 1000 years of history in the region.
  • Be treated to a special lunch cooked in a dug earth oven called a ‘mumu’, unique to the highlands area. The food cooked will primarily be pork, chicken and local root vegetables.
  • Watch more dances at the show and have your picture taken with some of the Huli Wigmen.
  • Stay overnight in Mount Hagen.


Saturday 18th August 

  • The final day of the festival, this time with a chance to see the Waipa dance, also known as the “big jump” dance. This a mass dance only found in Papua New Guinea, a sensational sight and definitely a highlight of the trip.
  • Celebrate the end of the festival and tour with a night out, go for dinner and drinks and party Papua New Guinea style! You haven’t done Papua New Guinea Travel until you’ve gotten drunk with the locals!
  • Stay overnight in Mount Hagen.


Sunday 19th August 

  • Early breakfast and transfer to the airport.
  • Arrival in Port Moresby with onward international connections available.
  • End of our Papua New Guinea Tour.