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GROUP 1 Beijing > Moscow


Tuesday 30th October

  • Arrival in Beijing as per your own schedule. In the evening we will have dinner and drinks to get to know each other before kick starting our epic Global Village Eurasia Tour We spend the night in a favourite haunt of ours, Beijing City Central Hostel.


Wednesday 31st October

  • At 11 am we depart Beijing by train bound for Moscow via Mongolia. This is the epic Trans-Mongolian train journey and is 6 weeks in duration The train is comfortable with plentiful supplies of vodka and bread!
  • Arrival at the town of Erlian at approximately 20.40 for a 4 hour stop to go through customs and immigration. It is unlikely we will be able to leave the train during the process at this point, although this was previously possible. We depart again at roughly 12 am.


Thursday 1st November

  • We arrive at the at the Mongolian border town of Zamyn Uud around 25 minutes after our departure from Erlian for round two of customs and immigration. It will take around 2 hours and again we may or may not be able to leave the train during the process.
  • There is a 1.35 pm arrival in the capital city of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. The views in this section of the journey are pretty amazing and are always a standout of our Eurasia Tour. We are only stopping here for 45 minutes which is enough time to get some bits and pieces for the rest of the journey.


Friday 2nd November

  • Arrival in mother Russia with incredible postcard views as we steam our way past Lake Baikal (amazing ‘I’m travelling Eurasia pictures’ here!) before a 10.30 am stop in the city of Irkutsk.


Saturday 3rd November

  • This afternoon we stop off in Novosibirsk before arriving for our next stop in Omsk later in the evening.


Sunday 4th November

  • Further stops today in the cities of Tiumin, Swerdrowsk and Perm. Tonight is our last night on the train and it will inevitably turn into party night with plenty of vodka.


Monday 5th November

  • At around 2.30 pm we finally arrive in Moscow after our epic Trans-Mongolian train journey from Beijing. We hit straight for our hostel for some R&R and some well-deserved showers!
  • You are free for the afternoon and later in the evening, we will hit the tiles in Moscow for dinner and drinks. This will be the last of one of the more cosmopolitan stop on the Eurasia tour for awhile!
  • Group 1 only (tour concludes here)


GROUP 2 Moscow > Minsk > Kiev


Tuesday 6th November

  • Moscow has a lot of famous sites so we kick things off with a visit to Red Square, The Kremlin and the Mausoleum of Lenin followed by some lunch in the afternoon.
  • Earlier this evening you can either take some free time for yourself to explore what Moscow has to offer or you can come on a walking tour of Cosmonaut Park and to Cosmonaut Museum (entrance fee not included in tour price)
  • Dinner this evening – gorging on typical Russian cuisine before hopping on our 11.50 pm sleeper train to the capital of Belarus, Minsk. We will not be required to stop for any customs so it’s straight on through with a good night sleep!


Wednesday 7th November

  • Early morning arrival at around 08.10 in Minsk and we go straight to our hostel and drop our luggage off before spending the next few hours checking out what the city has to offer – featuring the former home of Lee Harvey Oswald, The Belarus National Museum of History & Culture, and the infamous KGB (secret police) building.
  • This evening we get some dinner in the Old Town part of the city before letting loose for the night in this inexpensive party town.
  • Spend the night at our hostel


Thursday 8th November

  • Up nice and early to head out to the Belarusian Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle before heading back to Minsk to get dinner and a few beers before picking up some supplies for the night train (10.40 pm to Kiev, Ukraine)
  • Group 2 only (tour concludes here)


GROUP 3 Kiev > Pripyat > Kiev/Odessa 


Friday 9th November

  • Arrive into Kiev in the morning and transfer to Kiev Central Station Hostel. You have a free afternoon to check-out the city.
  • We all go out with the Global Villagers that have joined us from Group 3 for dinner and drinks at some pretty cool and unique bars in the city.
  • Spend the night at Kiev Central Station Hostel


Saturday 10th November

  • We spend the day in Pripyat (Check out our Chernobyl and Transnistria Tour) which is the infamous deserted city which bears all the hallmarks of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. During this trip we will most likely be able to take you to see some sites that are usually out of bounds. Pripyat is just one of many standout sites we will visit throughout our Eurasia Travel Expedition Tour.
  • After Pripyat we make our way back to Kiev in the evening for dinner and drinks.
  • Overnight at Kiev Central Station Hostel, our cosy little base.


Sunday 11th November

  • A really cool and unique visit today to a former ICBM Rocket facility where the USSR once maintained an arsenal that could cause widespread devastation in London, Paris or the Eastern Seaboard of the United States in approximately 30 minutes.
  • Group 3 only (transfer back to Kiev for the conclusion of the tour)


GROUP 4 Odessa > Tiraspol > Chisinau > Bucharest


Monday 12th November

  • Start the morning off with breakfast and afterwards a tour of the Catacombs (entrance fee not included in tour price)
  • You have the afternoon free
  • In the evening, we will depart by train for Tiraspol, capital city of the breakaway republic of Transnistria. They journey will take 3-4 hours.
  • We go through immigration procedures at Tiraspol train station before transfer and check-in at our hotel. Our hotel oozes communism!
  • Head out for dinner and some drinks at the only nightclub in the country! We spend the night at our hotel in Tiraspol.


Tuesday 13th November

  • Early morning rise for check out of our hotel and transfer to a much more luxurious offering in the countryside complete with sauna, sports facilities and its very own brandy distillery!
  • We take a tour around the city of Tiraspol.
  • Later we can head to Pobedy Park which features a few 1950’s style amusements.
  • Take a stroll down Tiraspol’s main thoroughfare, 25th Street for some cool photo opportunities. There is a big billboard here with the former President of Transnistria, President Smirnoff and two other presidents of the breakaway South Ossetia and Nagorno-Karabakh.
  • Pay a visit to the The University of Tiraspol and chat with some of the students studying there.
  • Make our way to City Hall with a huge bust of Lenin.
  • The Russian Orthodox Church of Tiraspol with its golden dome roof. Appropriate dress is required here.
  • General Suvorov statue
  • Independence war memorial & eternal flame
  • Parliament building with a large statue of Lenin and the grandest outside of Russia itself
  • Take a walk through river park with some nice photo opportunities
  • Pizza lunch!
  • We will go to a store where you can pick up some excellent brandy for $3 a bottle
  • Head back to Pobedy Park and chill out over a couple of drinks
  • Back to our luxury hotel (across the road from Pobedy Park!) for some well-deserved shut eye.


Wednesday 14th November

  • Nice and early – jump aboard our bus to the city of Bendery which is a 20 minute spin away. There is a huge outdoor market here which is a great place to see the city in action. You can buy an endless array of goods quite cheaply.
  • There is a famous white church in the city centre that is a popular place for couples to get married. It’s a nice place for us to visit.
  • Lenin Park is a short walk away and a popular place for locals to relax. There is a popular fountain here as well.
  • After we spend some time in the park, we make our way towards the recently upgraded train station which is for the most part is completely underutilised. There is an old WWII Soviet Train here with a hammer and sickle embossed on its front face. There is a museum marking the war between Transnistria and Moldova here also with a lot of relics from the period of conflict.
  • City Hall is another interesting site – it has been left as it was from during the war with bullet holes visible all over it.
  • We take a break and get some lunch
  • There is a really nice river walk through the city punctuated with monuments and statues but more importantly 1950’s style funfair rides including bumper cars that we drive around in for really cheap.
  • On completion of our tour of Bendery City, we head to the bus stop to hop on our mini-bus for transfer back to Tiraspol.
  • Check-out of our hotel and make our way to the train station for our trip to Chisinau, the capital of Moldova.
  • Upon arrival in Chisinau we check into our hostel in the city.
  • You have the evening and night free to relax.


Thursday 15th November

  • Today we will take a walking tour of Chisinau that will take us to all of the great sites in the city including the WWII Museum, outdoor city market, parliament, the city’s main square and park and the National Museum of History of Moldova.
  • In the evening we will feast on some excellent Moldovan cuisine at Restaurant La Plicente. Another great restaurant on your Eurasia Travel Expedition Tour.
  • Tonight we hit up some of the cities bars and spend the night at our Chisinau Hostel


Friday 16th November

  • Cricova Winery has been here since the 15th century and consists of a labyrinth of underground tunnels. We will visit it today and have the chance to sample plenty of wine!
  • You have the afternoon free to hang out in Chisinau before catching our 6 pm train bound for Bucharest.
  • Group 4 only (tour concludes here)


GROUP 5 Bucharest > Sofia > Skopje > Pristina > Tirana


Saturday 17th November

  • Estimated arrival in Budapest at 6 am
  • Check-in to our hostel and relax for a few hours.
  • There is a local Italian restaurant that we will visit for lunch
  • You have free time in the afternoon in explore some the cool city of Bucharest.
  • In the evening we visit Restaurant Carru Cu Bere, amazing! Hitting this restaurant is one of the most memorable meals we will have on the Eurasia Travel Expedition Tour. We head out for some drinks in the old town of Bucharest.
  • Overnight stay at our central hostel.


Sunday 18th November

  • Today is the day of our communist tour of Bucharest which of course will heavily feature the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu. During our tour, we will learn about his regime and what life was like for the Romanian population at the time.
  • As an example of his gross excess, we will visit the Ceausescu Palace before getting some lunch.
  • Afterwards, we will visit his grave to round off the tour of the day.
  • You have the evening free to explore Bucharest a little further or do some shopping before we transfer for our 23.55 sleeper train to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.


Monday 19th November

  • We arrive in Sofia at approximately 6 am and transfer to our hotel for check-in
  • At 2 pm we start our Bulgaria cuisine tour (tips are expected here)
  • Afterwards, we will visit the Soviet market where you can purchase all kinds of old Soviet memorabilia. There is a lot of cool stuff here.
  • When you have shopped until you have dropped and feel like you need to be warmed up a bit we will make our way to the main square of the city and have a drink at one the heated outdoor bars in the area before starting our night walking tour of Sofia at 6 pm.
  • Overnight at our hostel


Tuesday 20th November

  • Up nice and early for our 7-am departure to Skopje, the capital city of Macedonia.
  • We will arrive at approximately 4-pm and transfer to our hostel to drop off our gear and settle in.
  • There is a restaurant along the waterfront called Bella Vista which we will visit for some lunch.
  • A massive amount of statues can be found in the city from the Soviet era and we will visit quite a few of them during our tour of the city in addition to Mother Theresa’s house where she lived for 18 years.
  • The old town is really nice so we will check that out as well as the Grand Bazar. We will take a walk to the castle before heading back to the city which is really charming at night time. We will have dinner and a few drinks in the Old Bazaar before spending the night at our hostel.


Wednesday 21st November

  • Nice and early start for the morning bus to the capital of Kosovo, Pristina. En route we will visit Matka Canyon and take a stroll along the gorge. We will have some lunch here as well.
  • Upon arrival in Pristina, we will check-in to our private apartments at the Velania Guesthouse.  Afterwards, we will get some pizza and drink some Rakia fruit based brandy if you would like to have some.
  • We spend the night at our private apartments in Pristina


Thursday 22nd November

  • Early start today to hop on our private bus for the journey to the village of Brod in the southern area of Kosovo. It will take around 4 hours travel time and the journey here is pretty breathtaking.
  • We will stop for lunch at a modern hotel on the outskirts of Brod. Brod is home to the Gorani “Highlanders” who number around 55,000 in total. They survive on primarily on agricultural activities and have their own language.
  • The old village is a wonderful experience so we will stroll around and you can follow one of the easy hiking routes here as well.
  • A famous local and real-life Borat lives here in Brod! He is usually in good spirits and happy to have pictures taken.
  • We head back to Pristina later and again spend the night at our apartments.


Friday 23rd November

  • Today we take a tour around Pristina. This is a really interesting city with a lot of fascinating sights. We will see quite a lot in different districts including the Skenderbeg Statue and another of Bill Clinton! Our walk will take us to government buildings, The University of Pristina and headquarters of the United Nations mission here in addition to the winding streets of the old town.
  • We will make the short bus ride to Mitrovica which saw a lot of conflict during the war of 1999. The town divided by its river and by its allegiances to Kosovo on the south side and Serbia on the north. This is a really interesting and poignant stop on the Eurasia Travel Expedition Tour.
  • You will have the chance to spend some time on both sides of the river today and experience the intensely nationalist atmosphere of both the north and south side of the river. We will visit some gift shops where you can pick up some pretty unique souvenirs!
  • We head back to Pristina in the evening to take part in the celebrations for Independence Day.
  • Tonight we spend our last night at our private apartments.


Saturday 24th November

  • Great excitement today as we move onto our next destination Tirana, the beautiful capital city of Albania. We will arrive by bus from Pristina at approximately 6 pm and transfer to our hostel, ‘Freddy’s’. There will be 2/3 or 4 to a room here in apartment type dwellings. We can party Eurasia style or you can relax if you prefer.
  • We head out to a restaurant to get some dinner and drinks before checking out the cities nightlife and some of the various live music clubs here.
  • Spend the night at Freddy’s
  • Group 5 only (tour concludes here with easy onward connections)


GROUP 6 Tirana > Podgorica > Belgrade > Sarajevo > Zagreb > Ljubljana


Sunday 25th November

  • Visit a newly constructed bunker in the city which is a reflection of the whopping 700,000 concrete bunkers that were built all over Albania during the reign of dictator Enver Hoxha. Speaking of Enver Hoxha, we will visit his grave after the bunker! (there is an extra cost for the grave).
  • At 2.30 pm we will hop on a mini-bus to take us from Tirana to Montenegro with arrival around 3.5 hours later when we will transfer and check-in to our hostel.
  • Montenegro is probably not that well known for its cuisine but really you are in for a treat. We will sample what the country has to offer at a local restaurant and have some drinks in the city.
  • Overnight stay at our hostel


Monday 26th November

  • The coastline in Montenegro is quickly becoming a non-secret! It’s really incredible and we will explore several villages along this beautiful part of the world today including Saint Stefan, Budva, Kotor.
  • We will get some dinner in the evening before hopping on the overnight train to Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia. It’s not a dining train so we will get plenty of supplies before boarding.


Tuesday 27th November

  • We get into Belgrade, Serbia at around 10 am this morning and transfer to our lovely little accommodation called the Hedonist Hostel. If we arrive before check-in time we will go and get some breakfast.
  • In the early afternoon, around 2 pm we will do a walking tour around the city of Belgrade and check-out some of the best sites around the city including Republic Square, The Belgrade Fortress (tips required), The Bohemian Quarter and Kalemegdan Park.
  • We return to our hostel in the evening for a little R&R before heading back into town for some really good dinner. Afterwards, we will make our way to Skadarlija which is the centre for much of the entertainment in the city. The atmosphere here is incredible with people, bars & restaurants spilling onto the streets with live traditional music in the air! There is really cool street art in this quarter as well.
  • You can party hard tonight – before eventually spending the night back at the hostel.


Wednesday 28th November

  • Get up (not too early) for the bus to the Mausoleum of Josip Broz Tito – the much-loved former Yugoslav Revolutionary and leader of The Partisans during WWII
  • In the afternoon at approximately 3 pm, we will travel to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina – by bus for an 8 pm arrival and transfer to our hostel. It will be dark when we arrive of course so we will get settled and waste no time heading into town for some delicious traditional dinner and wine!


Thursday 29th November

  • You are free this morning to get some breakfast in your own time and explore the city a little bit if you like.
  • Our tour of the city starts at 1 pm with the theme being The Sarajevo Siege Tour. This is a beautiful city and we will see some fine examples of Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian architecture and see the line where The East meets The West. There are distinct sights, sounds and smells of the city that is pretty captivating.
  • Of course, Sarajevo bears all the hallmarks of conflict and we will visit the tunnel that was the only lifeline to the citizens of the city during the siege that lasts almost 1,500 days – the longest siege in history.
  • We also head to Mount Igman to check out some of the abandoned infrastructures from The Sarajevo Winter Olympic Games of 1984.
  • There are a lot of good pizza restaurants in Sarajevo where we can go for a well-deserved feed in the evening.
  • We will head back to the hostel for a few beers before coming back into town and getting to grips with the nightlife!
  • Spend the night at our cool hostel.


Friday 30th November 

  • Time to catch our train to Zagreb, the Capital City of Croatia. The train departs at 10.46 am and you can expect unbelievable scenery along the way as we travel from Bosnia to Croatia.
  • We will arrive in Zagreb at approximately 8 pm for a transfer to our hostel to get cleaned up and then head into town to grab some food. Christmas markets will be getting started across Europe at this time of year. There is a really nice one here in Zagreb so we can tank up on mulled wine and other festive foods and drink.
  • Zagreb has a really good nightlife which we can enjoy tonight.
  • Overnight at our hostel in Zagreb


Saturday 1st December

  • Start the morning with some traditional Croatian breakfast before hopping on the funicular and to the Museum of Broken Relationships which has to be one of the most unique museums anywhere! (the Museum entrance fee is not included in the tour price)
  • Zagreb is divided between Upper Town and Lower Town so we head out and explore both. The atmosphere in the city is very winter wonderland! We will get some dinner in one of the outdoor markets.
  • In the evening it is time to leave Zagreb behind and jump aboard our 6.40pm train to Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia which takes around 3 hours.
  • After arrival and check-in to our hostel we will head out around the city and see what it had to offer before getting some dinner and having goodbye drinks with group 6 end the night at Freddy’s
  • Group 6 only (tour concludes here with easy onward connections)


GROUP 7 Ljubljana > Budapest > Bratislava > Prague > Warsaw


Sunday 2nd December

  • Group 7 continue our Eurasia Adventure Tour with a walking tour around Ljubljana at 11 am. This is a really lovely green city with many pedestrianised areas. We will have some lunch after the tour and you will have the afternoon to explore the city further yourself. It’s a very livable place!
  • We will get dinner in the evening in preparation for the 01.06 train to Budapest, the capital of Hungry. This is a sleeper train so you can get some kip if you like or avail of the drinks service!


Monday 3rd December

  • This is the final stretch of Eurasia Travel Expedition Tour and it’s a great week ahead!
  • We will arrive in Budapest at around 10.30 am this morning and head to our hostel in the city for some rest and to get settled in.
  • When we are no doubt feeling a little hungry, we will head into town and get some lunch before embarking on our Budapest Communist Tour. We will have a guide with us that will give us incredible insight into the historic city.
  • Later tonight we explore the old town and spend quite some time eating some delicious food and drinking some delicious beers!
  • Overnight stay at our hostel


Tuesday 4th December

  • Time for our next destination, Bratislava – the capital city of Slovakia. We will travel here by bus with the journey taking around 3 hours.
  • When we arrive we will check-in to our hostel for a brief rest before heading into town to get lunch.
  • It’s a whistle-stop tour of the city but very much in keeping with all the places we have seen so far as we embark on our Communist Tour taking us to all the sights of historical importance.
  • We take a stroll around the old town this evening and get some dinner and drinks before later spending the night at our hostel.


Wednesday 5th December

  • Today we make the 4-hour journey by train from Bratislava to Prague and check-in to our private apartments before getting a brief lunch and some rest.
  • Prague is probably one of the biggest party cities in the world so rather than focus too much on history today we will go on a major pub crawl and take it all in!
  • Stay overnight at our private apartment.


Thursday 6th December

  • You will not have to get up early this morning as everybody needs a Eurasia lie in! Instead, we will rise later than usual and rather than getting breakfast we will be getting lunch as the first meal of the day!
  • After lunch, we will do a walking tour of the city which apart from being party central is of course and amazingly beautiful city.
  • Tonight we board our 23.08 train bound for Warsaw, the capital city of Poland. It’s overnight so you can rest or drink or both.


Friday 7th December

  • Early morning arrival in Warsaw at around 7.20 am. We make our way to our hostel and check-in. You have some free time before we do our Alternative Warsaw Tour at 12 pm. There will be some really cool, quirky and unusual visits on this tour including places where ‘The Pianist’ was filmed, examples of street art and bears walking along the streets!
  • We get some lunch after our Alternative Tour and warm ourselves back up for a Classic Walking Tour of the Warsaw’s Old Town and then at later we to a ‘Crime Tour’ featuring an assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler and the robbery of the century!
  • After a great day of truly getting under the skin of Warsaw – we get dinner and plenty of drinks in the city before spending the night back at our hostel.


Saturday 8th December

  • Early start today for our train ride to Krakow and transfer to our hostel. From here, we will take the train to Oswiecim which is the location of Auschwitz Concentration Camp. It is a notoriously heavy experience here mentally but one which is worthwhile. The tour will take the entire day as we tour both Camp 1 & 2.
  • Afterwards, we head back to Krakow and start to wind-down from this epic trip across Eurasia, for dinner and drinks in this city which is well and truly getting ready for Christmas with lots of activity and a festive atmosphere on the streets.
  • Overnight stay at our hostel.


Sunday 9th December

  • This morning we will do one last outing to the Oscar Schindler Museum before the conclusion of our epic Eurasia Travel Expedition Tour!